On the 5th and the 6th of June, the 5th project meeting of Bit the Spectrum took place in Helsinki, Finland. The partners met to discuss the state of the art of project results and the next steps to be taken. The meeting involved all partners: Accademia IRSEI from Italy, OGVU University from Germany, LUOVI Institute from Finland, and Skills Divers from Spain, all kindly hosted by the project partner 3DBear from Finland.  

During the meeting, partners had the chance to: 

  • Review the latest content on the open online training related to AR and VR features for teachers of ASD students 
  • Get the latest updates on the Human Centred Design methodology guide (to be soon translated in all partner’s national languages) 
  • Review together the 21 AR exercises developed and discuss the development of an explanatory guide  
  • Decide the next steps to finalise current VR exercises and develop the latest ones.  

An analysis of the current pilot test phases and the impact of the exercises on the students was also shared among the consortium, which had the chance to better comprehend how to validate students’ feedback. 

The meeting proved itself to be fruitful, full of ideas for the next steps and a shared desire to achieve cutting-edge results, always focused on boosting literary and social emotion skills in Autism Spectrum Disorder Students. Indeed, the project aims to increase, creatively, the social-emotional skills and basic literacy of students with ASD through AR and VR environments. 

In an atmosphere of cooperation, partners dedicated themselves to improving the current results obtained and determining the next project phases that will involve the translation of materials, the introduction of AR exercises on 3DBear app, the definition and development of other 4 VR exercises, and the study and analysis of the impact of the results. 

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