The work of project partners has entered a new phase: the testing of the first exercises created with virtual reality (VR)! The exercises are aimed at increasing the quality of the learning process of people with autism spectrum disorder in terms of interpersonal skills and abilities. At the facilities of Finnish partner Luovi Vocational College, the exercises “Bus Journey” designed and produced by them with the support of partner 3Dbear and the exercise “3D T-shirt Printing” designed and produced by Spanish partner Skills Divers were tested.  

Moreover, in Spain, at the facilities of the Aspajunide association the two exercises in VR were also tested, here an interesting video where teachers and project partners explain the methodology and objectives and where the students who tried the exercises talk about the experience firsthand. The beneficiaries themselves highlighted the advantages of the exercises created with virtual reality, which allows them to be trained independently on the different stages of the process. 

All exercises will be created to require minimal assistance so as to promote autonomy, improve self-esteem and strengthen skills that will then be essential for the world of work. 

The other project partners are in contact with local associations, teachers and tutors to develop the remaining exercises in VR, which will represent everyday life scenarios in an innovative way. Everything is being decided with students’ needs in mind, to enable an innovative experience representing real-life situations with VR and to enable learning in a fun and functional way. 

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