The work of the partners of the Erasmus+ project BIT THE SPECTRUM (number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000033091) continues to achieve the set objectives. In particular, the testing phase of the first 10 augmented reality exercises, defined and co-developed to increase the quality of the learning process of people with ASD in terms of literacy and emotional skills, is starting. The testing phase is carried out at the facilities of the partner LUOVI, which, thanks to its experience and contact with students with ASD (BES – Special Educational Needs), will test the usefulness and completeness of the first 10 AR exercises. The testing phase will also be useful to understand which topics the students show the most interest in and then build on them for the development of the other 10 AR exercises. At the same time, the project partners are focusing on the definition of VR exercises for learning support. These exercises are being developed in consultation with psychologists and educators from local and/or national associations who provide important internal insights into the needs of the learners.  

The first two exercises in VR have already been developed and are being finalised: “3D t-shirt printing”, to learn processes and their purposes, and “Bus journey” to understand how to relate to others in possible everyday situations. 

The project partners: OVGU University from Germany, Accademia IRSEI from Italy, Skills Divers from Spain, 3Dbear from Finland, and LUOVI College also from Finland are committed to working together daily for the success of the important project goals.  

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