On the 31st of May, the Bit the Spectrum project consortium met in Palermo for the third meeting organised by partner Accademia IRSEI APS. In the fantastic setting of Palermo, the partners evaluated the content produced so far and presented the HCD methodology required to develop the augmented reality exercises that will aim to increase the social-emotional skills and literacy abilities of children with special educational needs. With the invaluable help of their partner 3Dbear, the consortium understood the functionality of their app that will host the exercises as soon as they are developed.  

The meeting was an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of ideas that generated an excellent basis for the realisation of the exercises with augmented reality that will later be followed by a set of exercises with virtual reality.  

During the meeting, the partners also received T-shirts produced with a 3D printer in May at the ASPAJUNIDE association in Spain and organised by the project partner Skills Divers with the participation of the 3Dbear partner.  

The meeting represented also an opportunity to strengthen the partnership ties and plan the next internal meetings and webinars.  

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