The project has almost completed its first phase. 

The second phase of the project will focus on developing methodologies for creating AR as well as VR learning environments. These will help educators to create their own student-tailored environments in the future. The Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach will serve as the foundation for these methodologies. A pillar of the HCD approach is the consideration of all affected groups of people and the continuous inclusion of the target group in the design process. 

Considering this principle, Luovi Vocational College, in a first step, has gathered the opinion of students on the autism spectrum within the framework of a focus group. Thematically, the focus was on the previous use of technological applications, the students’ knowledge of AR/VR and, above all, their ideas of how these technologies could enrich their everyday learning. 

The students hope that the gamification of learning content will increase their interest in otherwise often boring topics, and a simplistic technical design is important to them in order to ensure ease of use. These are just a few insights into the findings of the focus group.

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